Best Useful Functions of Dell Laptops


Dell is a well reputed company of the world, known for manufacturing and selling some of the best computers and laptops. It is an American company based in Texas and was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Dell was formed with the objective of providing quality computer solutions at affordable prices. There is whole range of computer related products such as computers, laptops, servers, network switches, data storages, and personal digital assistance for software, computer peripherals and more.

Dell Laptops are one of the most celebrated laptops for consumer’s world wide. oneplus tv 32 inch These machines are known for their high performance, ease of convenience and affordable prices. Dell laptops bring high performance in all form factors; small and large. These are lightweight laptops which bring 3G connectivity. You can choose from wide range of sizes; from 12 inches to 20 inches. These laptops are equipped with Intel Core Duo processors and Microsoft Media Center OS. If you want to compare laptops from different brands, you can visit online retail stores. There you can find computer price list also.

The Dell, basically offers four types of laptops; Ultraportable, Thin-and-lights, Medium-sized laptops and Desktop replacement laptops.

The ultraportable are usually less than 12 inches diagonally and weigh less than 1. 7 Kg. They are designed basically for the professionals and business people who are on travel most of the times. Thin-and-lights weigh between 1. 8 Kg and 2. 8 kg and have screen size between 12 to 14 inches. Medium sized laptops weigh around 3-3. 5 kgs and have bigger screens of size 15 inches. Desktop replacement laptops are quite bigger though powerful also. They are usually used at a fixed location.

Dell Inspiron is a laptop series which includes wide range of laptops. These are low cost laptops. Dell Inspiron 1525 is a popular Dell laptop having a 15. 4 inches LCD screen. It has glossy screen with antiglare option. This screen is good for watching movies. It comes with a memory of 2GB of RAM and a 2. 0GHz T7250 CPU. You can have a DVD burner, Bluetooth and 802. 11n Wi-Fi at an extra cost. This laptop has got basic Intel integrated graphics. Some of the popular Dell Inspiron laptops are Inspiron E1505, Inspiron e1705, Insprion B130 and others.

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